Dear reader,

Today is one of these days. A day when doubts cloud my mind. When that happens, I think about all my accomplishments.

I have not come to be where I am today without facing any hurdles.

I had a dream of becoming a subtitler for TV series in France, so I applied to get a Master’s degree in that field. You had to take an evaluation test to get into the program. I sat in a room full of 300 other people who shared my dream. There was only 15 seats available. I managed to be on the short list of 20 people.

I failed miserably.

I thought it was over, until I saw that dubcard at the end of one of the funniest show I had ever watched at the time: My wife and kids. I applied for an internship at that company. Unfortunately, all the positions had been filled for the year ahead. They were organized like that.

I had failed miserably.

I thought it was over, until HR called me about another position. I gladly accepted.

Before I started, they told me they were not looking to hire full-time employees, and that my position was temporary. I did not let that information deter me and did the best I could. Turns out it paid off.

After 8 months, I was hired as a full-time employee. I had interns of my own, and although I was not working as a subtitler, I was still happy.

One of my intern’s teacher paid us a visit to discuss their student’s work and the company in general. It happens that I knew her. She was on the panel of teachers that had interviewed me to join the audiovisual program.

She recognized me. We talked and before she left, she told me, “When one door closes, another opens.”

That saying reflects everything that has happened to me to this day.

I have recently self-published a book. It is a huge accomplishment. Not only because I wrote a book, but because I plan on writing more.

Now, all is not roses, as I have to do everything on my own, as opposed to someone who has an agent. I have to promote, tweet, learn, plan everything... Had you been in that room during the interview, you would know that this is no small task for me.

I will face many hurdles, but I plan on persisting, so that ultimately, I succeed.

You can help me succeed by buying, reviewing, commenting, questioning my book: Hell to Pay, which is available at all major retailers.

Enjoy your reading!!